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Version 4.21, 24/04/2010 — Release Notes

Get access to every one of the BBC’s 58 radio stations, right from your Dashboard! No need to keep a web browser open or run some memory-hungry application — just convenient listening, whenever you want it. Plus, discover daily schedules right inside the widget, a great Mac look-and-feel, and automatic updating.

Version 4.21 changes:

  • Fixed to be compatible with recent BBC changes.
  • (4.2) Fixed regional schedules to work with BBC’s updated web pages.
  • (4.2) Greatly improved schedule readability.
  • (4.2) Fixed a possible issue with audio erroneously restarting on Dashboard exit.
  • (4.2) Fixed some issues with daylight savings time and schedules.

Designed for the Mac...

Small, but fully functional.

bbc radio widget front

The BBC Radio Widget has a simple, clean design, with lots of visual feedback so you know what’s going on. It hides away all the complicated operation and makes connecting to the radio station of your choice as simple as playing a song in iTunes.

Everything is designed to be easy, logical and even pleasurable to use, so you can swap the hassle of hard-to-navigate websites for a tiny widget — one that remembers what station you were listening to, even if you close it.

...and designed for the BBC

Wondering what’s on? We’ve got you covered.

bbc radio widget schedule drawer

BBC Radio Widget is made solely for the BBC’s radio stations, so you get all kinds of benefits that generic players just can’t provide. Like schedule information for every station, in a handy drawer.

It’ll even show you what’s playing right now — and keep the display updated every minute of every day.

(option) click the i button to set the streaming format.

streaming formats available.

The BBC offers a custom Flash streaming solution, unique to them, for UK users. So naturally BBC Radio Widget offers it too! As far as I know, it’s the only widget that lets you listen to the BBC’s high quality AAC streams.

As of BBC Radio Widget v4.1, it’s the default — and, for many stations, only — streaming option, as the BBC have removed many RealPlayer streams.

Look out for WMA support in the future, too!

Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.3 or greater is required. If you’re using Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, the widget installer appears. Click Install if you want the widget installed on your Mac. If you’re using a browser other than Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, unarchive and open it to show the widget installer.