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  • Unofficial BBC Radio Widget v4.5

    There’s a brand new version out — and it only took 4 years! v4.5 features high quality AAC and MP3 streaming, schedules for all stations, and updated station listings, along with various bug and compatibility fixes. Get it here!

  • Unofficial BBC Radio Widget – new beta

    It’s been an unimaginably long time coming, but there’s a new beta of the Unofficial BBC Radio Widget. It focuses on getting things working with the current BBC radio streams, and fixing some compatibility issues for Tiger and Leopard. Only the latest, fully-updated releases of Tiger (10.4.11) and Leopard (10.5.8) are supported, along with 10.6 […]

  • Lion Compatibility

    The official release of the widget, v4.21, is compatible with lion if you install the latest Adobe Flash Player. The WMA support in the beta versions is well and truly broken by Safari 5.1 on both lion and Snow Leopard, though.